How to securely copy from one remote server to another

To copy files from a remote location to another remote location you can use a command line utillity scp. Example: scp -r local_folder/ remote_user@www.remotehost.tld:/home/username/backup_folder/ If you want to copy all files in local_folder directory just add a jokder (*) like this: scp -r local_folder/* remote_user@www.remotehost.tld:/home/username/backup_folder/

Problems with mod_rewrite

Yesterday I have had a hard time solving a rewrite problem that a friend of mine had. The problem was actually much easier to solve than I though. I was even checked that .htaccess is correct spelled, if all stuff inside .htaccess file was correct spelled, tried to look at the virtual host file on … Read more

Ubuntu server – you have mail

When you login into your ubuntu server and a message appears that you have mail than you’ve got a system mail. To read system mail you need to install a command based mail client. I suggest you to install a tiny mail client called mail which is part of mailutils. Install mailutils by typing: sudo … Read more

Optimize your pages easily with mod_pagespeed

Google anounced last week release of mod_pagespeed. Pagespeed is an apache module that helps you optimize server side page speed. It will compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript files, optimize caching settings, remove comments and whitespace from your files, optimize images, etc. The good news is that you can install mod_pagespeed as a package … Read more

Auto login into network share from Windwos

I have not managed yet how to auto login into my samba share from windows. Even if you tell Windows to autologin the next time you restart your computer you have to manually type the password for your network share. However I came up with an ugly solutions and that is to create a batch … Read more

Where is mysql data directory?

Usually mysql data directory resides in the /var/lib/mysql/By mysql data means all the databases that are created on your mysql server are stored in that directory. The fastest way to check where your mysql data directory resides is to look inside your my.cnf file. cat /etc/mysql/my.cnf | grep datadir As I mentioned the default directory … Read more

Chroot into linux partition

Every linux administrator should learn how to chroot into another linux system that needs maintenance or rescue. We take as an example that your computer crashed after an update and now it is booting into busy box. After you type dmesg command you realise that your computer was not able too mount root partition and … Read more

Nice and easy LAMP install on Ubuntu 10.04

This is the way to install PHP, MySQL and Apache on one command line: apt-get install apache2 php5 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin php5-ffmpeg php5-gd php5-curl /Good luck! 😉

Copy files over SSH

If you like me somethimes need to easily transfer files from one server to another there is a nice utilty that does the job for you.The command line peace of software is called scp (secure copy). As usual we take en example case. Say for example you want to transfer backup.tar file from your remote … Read more