Zencart – sessions directory does not exist

I was searching the internet after the problem that caused an error message “sessions directory does not exist” but I could not find any answer that solved my problem. I have solved this problem very easy and this message has now disappeared on my zencart shop. This kind of error message in Zencart often occures if you’ve changed zencart folders name. Even if you rename all variables and definitions in your both of your configuration.php files you’ll still get this error message.

I came up with an easy solution. Edit your configuration.php files both in

_zen_cart_folder/includes/configuration.php and _zen_cart_folder/admin/includes/configuration.php

Locate the row:

define(‘STORE_SESSIONS’, ”);

and change it to:

define(‘STORE_SESSIONS’, ‘db’);

Now reload both admin and frontpage.

You can now change back to

define(‘STORE_SESSIONS’, ”);

The notice about the session directory that does not exists should now be gone.