osTicket – Solve problem with cron.php

Do you have troubles polling IMAP or POP via cron.php job? I have a solution. Here is a simple solution that will help you solve the problem with cron.php 1. go into /api/ and copy cron.php to some random filename like xfgjkdscron.php 2. now edit xfgjkdscron.php and comment lines: //if (!osTicket::is_cli()) //die(__(‘cron.php only supports local … Read more

MySQL – Create new user and GRANT access to the database

GRANT access to the database of a particular user At command line issue: mysql -u root -p Now create “myuser” user and password. Give rights/privileges to that user on database “mydatabase”. Last but not least, run flush command to reload all the privileges. 1. CREATE USER ‘myuser’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypassword’; 2. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON … Read more

Chrooted user for VSFTP and Webserver purpose

If you need to create a chrooted user for one of your webservers particular folder please read this article. 1. First we need to create a system user # useradd test # passwd test 2. Disable SSH access for FTP users The default user creation script will give a user the /bin/bash shell, which can … Read more

Howto remove remembered skype username

Its quite annoying if someone else visited you and used your skype to login on his/her account. That account appears all the time the next time you start skype. If you whish to remove remembered skype username from login screen than open up explorer and navigate to: C:/Users/YourWindowsUsername/AppData/Roaming/Skype Change slash to backslash in code above! … Read more

Ubuntu remote desktop from Windows

To connect from your Windows to Ubuntu via Remote desktop you need to install xRDP server. From command line in your Ubuntu install xRDP: sudo apt-get install xrdp Now from your Windows start Remote Desktop application and connect via IP or host name to your ubuntu. If everything goes well your Ubuntu desktop will appear. … Read more

Restart network in Ubuntu from command line

If you’ve changed network configuration file /etc/network/interfaces for example you probably whish to apply changes. You can do it by two commands that I will write about in this article. Say for example that you’ve changed network configuration and need to apply these changes. Ofcourse you could restart your computer but it’s much easier to … Read more

ext3-fs: error loading journal

After a power surge, your linux server could be rendered un-bootable because of a corrupt file-system journal. If you are lucky and there are no physical errors, then the following could get your computer back to life. 1. Boot the linux box using live-cd (any bootable installer for server computers). 2. Choose “rescue a broken … Read more

Disable sf-menu (superfish dropdown menu) for Thematic theme

Just put the code below at the bottom of your functions.php file: Code: // Filter away the default scripts loaded with Thematic function childtheme_head_scripts() { // Abscence makes the heart grow fonder } add_filter(‘thematic_head_scripts’,’childtheme_head_scripts’);