How to disable dashboard on your Mac and Why

As you know your dashboard is started at system startup which means it consumes extra power of your macbook. If you don’t use dashboard like me you better disable it. Your battery will last longer and you’ll save some memory resources. To disable dashboard fire up your terminal and type this: defaults write mcx-disabled … Read more

Close prettyPhoto window from an iframe

Around the forums has been discussed on how to close prettyPhoto modal from within an iframe. I’ve tried many of solutions posted there without success. Here’s one solutions on how to do it. To close prettyPhoto from an iframe just call the following: <script type=”text/javascript”> parent.eval(‘$.prettyPhoto.close()’); </script>

How to securely copy from one remote server to another

To copy files from a remote location to another remote location you can use a command line utillity scp. Example: scp -r local_folder/ remote_user@www.remotehost.tld:/home/username/backup_folder/ If you want to copy all files in local_folder directory just add a jokder (*) like this: scp -r local_folder/* remote_user@www.remotehost.tld:/home/username/backup_folder/

Problems with mod_rewrite

Yesterday I have had a hard time solving a rewrite problem that a friend of mine had. The problem was actually much easier to solve than I though. I was even checked that .htaccess is correct spelled, if all stuff inside .htaccess file was correct spelled, tried to look at the virtual host file on … Read more

How to install magento ecommerce in under 10min

In this megento ecommerce installation guide I will focus on showing you how to install complete magento system under 10 minutes. 1. Down magento latest full release. 2. Download server compatibility check to see if your server meets requirements. Put the file in webserver root and run https://localhost/magento-check.php 3. Move downloaded magento archive file in my case “magento-” to the … Read more

Grab youtube thumbnail images

Youtube has made it very easy comparing to others when it comes to grabbing thumbnail images for you to use as preview images in your custom video application or other. This is how the URL for youtube thumbnails looks like: Replace _YOUTUBE_ID_ with the ID of the video.Replace _IMAGE_NR_ with a number 1-3 to get … Read more

Optimize your pages easily with mod_pagespeed

Google anounced last week release of mod_pagespeed. Pagespeed is an apache module that helps you optimize server side page speed. It will compress and combine your CSS and JavaScript files, optimize caching settings, remove comments and whitespace from your files, optimize images, etc. The good news is that you can install mod_pagespeed as a package … Read more

Zencart – sessions directory does not exist

I was searching the internet after the problem that caused an error message “sessions directory does not exist” but I could not find any answer that solved my problem. I have solved this problem very easy and this message has now disappeared on my zencart shop. This kind of error message in Zencart often occures … Read more

Copy files over SSH

If you like me somethimes need to easily transfer files from one server to another there is a nice utilty that does the job for you.The command line peace of software is called scp (secure copy). As usual we take en example case. Say for example you want to transfer backup.tar file from your remote … Read more

Install Microsoft Windows fonts on Ubuntu

The most of today webpages are built with fonts that referes to Arial and Verdana. These fonts are included in Microsoft Windows OS and ubuntu has a package called msttcorefonts that needs to be installed before you can use fonts like Arial, Verdana, Georgia, Trebuchet, Webdings etc.1. Install Windows fonts on your Ubuntu system Fire up your … Read more